2021 Covid Policies

Dear Hall of Fame Friends,

We cannot wait to see you again in 2021. Whatever challenges we may face, know that Hall of Fame and League of Champions are committed to providing you with organized, fun, and safe events in 2021 and beyond. With that in mind, we have created and implemented a new way to structure events if the circumstances in 2021 require us to modify the normal competition experience. The studio-by-studio block format, where each studio is assigned time slots for all of their dancers to perform all of their routines, limits exposure to others and allows us to confidently ensure space for social distancing and the ability to follow capacity limits. Blocks may include more than one studio, but each studio would have their own dressing space and staging areas backstage to allow groups to social distance. If we are in our judgement able to safely do a normal competition schedule, we will do so. We are prepared to provide the fun, organized, and professional competitions you love no matter the circumstances.

In light of the current uncertainty, we have also adjusted the following policies for 2021:

  • Registration is still due 30 days prior to the competition, but payment is now due 14 days prior to the competition.
  • You may RSVP for an event by emailing us at info@halloffamedance.com with your studio information and approximate entry count. No deposit is required to RSVP for any 2021 event and your space will be saved once you email us. We just ask that you please let us know if your plans change.
  • FULL Refunds will be provided to the studio if an event is canceled or postponed by Hall of Fame. Studios, at their sole option, may also choose to move their entry fees to any other HOF event, including their rebooked event.
  • We recognize that due to the ever-changing world, you may not be able to attend a Hall of Fame or League of Champions regional event next season. Because of this, Nationals are open to all studios even if you are unable to attend a 2021 regional.
  • Since many seniors were unable to compete in 2020, we have updated our senior age category for the 2021 season to include 19-year-olds. The senior age category will now include dancers ages 15-19.
  • Masks: Masks will be required by all audience members, dancers, and participants throughout the venue. The only exception is that dancers will not be required to wear masks on stage unless it is required by local (state, city, county) government or by the venue. We will inform you as soon as we know about mask policies for each event. In cities where masks are required by dancers on stage, face shields are not considered masks. As of 3/1/21, at any event where dancers are required by local government or the venue to wear masks on stage, any routine that breaks the mask policy, including but not limited to wearing face shields on stage instead of a mask, will be disqualified from overalls. Mask policies are subject to change based on local and venue requirements.

Check-out the safety videos below that explains how the modified competitions (should we need to compete this way) would work:

    Modified Competition Experience:


    Modified Competition Experience:

    Convention Center